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The Discus is a large cichlid from the Amazon River in South America.

Officially, Discus comprise two cichlid species (Symphysodon discus (Heckel, 1840) and S. aequifascateus (Pellegrin, 1903)) and five subspecies (S. discus discus (Heckel 1840), S. discus willischwartzi (Burgess 1981), S. aequifasciatus aequifasciatus (Pellegrin 1903), S. aequifasciatus axelrodi (Schultz 1960) and S. aequifasciatus haraldi (Schultz 1960)) of fishes. Additionally there is a myriad of sport mutations, man-made varieties.

The three "original" colour variants received their own name, the Green Discus Symphysodon aequifasciata aequifasciata, the brown discus Symphysodon aequifasciata axelrodi, and the blue variant Symphysodon aequifasciata haraldi.

Discus fish care is a rather complex process, as well as discus fish breeding. Discus is a very beautiful aquarium fish.

The website consists of 15 main pages. These pages show such processes as the discus fish care, discus fish breeding, discus fish feeding, discus fish buying in detail. In addition to those parts of the website, there are the following other parts of the website: “articles about discuses” , “news from discus exhibitions”, “book news”.

One of main parts of the website is “electronic books”. In fact, the website contains a library of electronic books about aquarium fishes and plants. Aquarium care is not easy process. Aquarium care is a whole science. All books can be downloaded free of charge. In the part “book news”, there are new aquarium books, published both abroad and domestic.


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